The Nominees 2014










Colectivo Chuhcan

Campaign Group


The Colectivo Chuhcan is a Mental Health pressure group campaigning to change the treatment of people within Mexico’s Mental Health institutions. Members all have ongoing mental health disabilities and most have spent time in institutions themselves. Through their work they give a vital voice to Los Abandonados, the millions of Mexican people who are otherwise stuck in institutions with no hope of changing their situations.

•C4 Unreported World – The Abandoned
•Disability Rights International – Raúl Montoya Santamaría

Generation Wave Institute

Advocacy Organisation


Generation Wave has been at the forefront of promoting democratic engagement in Burma since 2007, distinctively using hip hop, graffiti, film and street art to challenge authoritarianism. In 2013, as Burma moved into transition, Generation Wave took the unusual step of seeking official recognition as an institute in order to be able to carry out their activities in the clear light of day.

•BBC News – Burma’s youth rapping for change
•Myanmar Times – Generation Wave looks to train MPs


Rommy Mom

Lawyer and Advocate


Rommy Mom is one of Nigeria’s leading human rights lawyers and the president of Lawyers Alert. Mom has faced intimidation and threats after attempting to use freedom of information requests to investigate corruption in the distribution of emergency funds after floods in his home state, Benue.

•Lawyers Alert – Stand with Rommy, sign the petition for his safety
•IFEX – Rommy Mom profiled on International Day to End Impunity

Award Winner Shahzad Ahmad

Digital Activist


Shahzad Ahmad leads the fight against online censorship in Pakistan. He has sued the Pakistani government over their suspected use of surveillance software, FinFisher, and he is also suing the government over its ongoing blocking of YouTube which deprives the people of Pakistan of one of the world’s most popular video channels.

•Media Defence Initiative – My story: Shahzad Ahmad, Bytes for All
•Index on Censorship – Pakistan gets YouTube back. Sort of