Supporting efforts to defeat censorship

Through the Freedom of Expression Awards Fellowship we work with our winners to provide longer term, structured assistance. The goal is to help fellows maximise their impact and broaden their networks to ensure they can continue to excel at fighting free expression threats.

About the Fellowship

In recognising individuals and organisations, often working in dangerous and difficult conditions, Index makes a commitment to them.

Four Fellows Receive a Year of Support

Fellows join Index for a week of training and 12 months of support to maximize the impact of their work.

Index Helps Fellows Remain Active

Index aids troubleshooting, building and broadening partnerships and offers advice on strategy, operations and finance.

Fellows Thrive

Index collaborates with fellows to identify a year-long project and works closely with them to achieve this goal.

Index Amplifies Fellows’ Work

Index promotes fellows’ ongoing work through the magazine, website and social media.

Fellows Join Worldwide Network

Fellows join a supportive global community of free expression champions. They are encouraged to keep in touch with Index and the wider network.