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Montenegro: Newspaper’s cars torched

Two cars belonging to Vijesti, one of Montenegro‘s most popular independent daily newspapers, were torched last Thursday. The cars were parked opposite the headquarters of the Montenegrin Intelligence Agency when the attack took place. One eyewitness reported seeing a young man pour petrol on the cars and throw a spark towards them but police have […]

China: Three Tibetan nuns jailed

Three nuns have each been jailed for three year after they staged a peaceful street protest, chanting “Free Tibet” and “long live His Holiness the Dalai Lama”, on 15 June. The women, aged between 21 and 31, are part of the Gyemadrak Nunnery in Tibet and were arrested by Chinese authorites hours after the protest […]

Pakistan: Two journalists “tortured and harassed”

Rana Yaseen and Ch Khalid Sardar claim they were “tortured and harassed” on the night of 16 July in the Bahalwapur region of Pakistan. Local journalists have since staged a protest outside the regional Press Club and are demanding immediate investigation. The Abbas Nagar Police have “registered a case” against 10 men accused of taking […]

Honduras: Radio station director killed

A 26-year-old radio station director was killed yesterday in Honduras. Nery Jeremias Orellana was stopped and shot in the head by masked gunmen as he rode home from work on a motorcycle.  He died soon after he was taken to a local hospital. A supporter of recently ousted President Manuel Zelaya, Orellana was head of […]

Uzbekistan: Journalist hospitalised, ends hunger strike

Saodat Omonova, one of two women journalists protesting media censorship in Uzbekistan, has ended her hunger strike after being hospitalised earlier this week. It had been 16 days since Omonova and colleague, Malohat Eshonqulova, had begun their hunger strike after they were arrested and fined for protesting outside the presidential palace. The pair were were fired from state television […]

Gaza: News agency HQ attacked

The office of Ma’an Network, a news agency based in Gaza City, was attacked by masked assailants. According to local reports, staff at the main office saw the building on fire in the early hours of Sunday morning. After initial investigations, bottles of flammable liquids were found nearby. The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate is calling for […]

Malayasia: 1600 arrested as campaign for electoral reform continues

Police in Malaysia made 1600 arrests at the weekend, as protesters ignored government warnings to cancel anti-government action. Leaders of the opposition coalition, Bersih, who have led the campaign for a “free and fair” election system, were amongst the thousands detained. An estimated 10, 000 police officers used tear gas and batons against the 50, […]

Age of insecurity

Cooperation between the communications industry and governments creates new opportunities for surveillance. Gus Hosein and Eric King of Privacy International urge us not to allow companies to assume that users are uninterested in what happens to their data

Ethiopia: Two Swedish journalists arrested

Swedish journalists, Johan Persson and Martin Schibbye, were arrested by troops in Ethiopia when they were found travelling with rebels from the Ogaden National Liberation Front. The Ethiopian government has branded the ONLF a terrorist organisation, 15 individuals were killed when the troops ambushed the group. The two freelancers entered the country to report about […]

Belarus: Protesters arrested, journalists targeted in teargas attacks

Over 300 people were reportedly arrested on Sunday in nationwide demonstrations against President Alexander Lukashenko’s government. Teargas was also fired to disperse the crowd. Some journalists have claimed that they were targeted in the attacks in a bid to prevent them from filming or taking photographs. In the capital, Minsk, the crowds attempted to disrupt […]

Uganda: Radio presenter begins community service for privacy intrusion

Radio presenter in Uganda, Philips Ogile, yesterday began a two-month community service sentence after he was convicted of privacy intrusion. In January 2007 Ogile took, and later published, a photograph of a woman stripped and searched by law enforcement officers. The woman was accused of stealing a mobile phone. Ogile was charged with three counts of […]

Uzbekistan: Journalists fined and detained for press censorship protest

Uzbek journalists, Malohat Eshonqulova and Saodat Omonova, have been detained and fined 2.94 million soms (around £1000) for holding an unauthorized protest on Monday morning. The two women, who have now begun a hunger strike, held up placards in front of the presidential palace in Tashkent which read “Dear Islam Karimov, please grant us an […]