Category : Summer 2013

Turkey’s media: A polluted landscape

As protests continue in Istanbul, journalist Yavuz Baydar calls for the media to resist government pressure to filter the news

News in monochrome: Journalism in India

From the Magazine: The media’s infatuation with a single narrative is drowning out the country’s diversity, giving way to sensationalist reporting and "paid for" news. But, says Bharat Bhushan, moves towards regulation could have a chilling effect too

Censorship: The problem child of Burma’s dictatorship

From the Magazine: Writer and artist Htoo Lyin Myo gives his personal account of working under government censorship in Burma

Past Event: New World (Dis)Order – What do Turkey, Russia and Brazil tell us about freedom?

Index, in partnership with the European Council on Foreign Relations, held a debate launching the latest issue of Index on Censorship magazine, with a special report on The Multipolar Challenges to Freedom of Expression

Global view: Who has freedom of expression?

From the Magazine: Freedom of expression is a universal, fundamental human right. But who actually has access to free expression? Index CEO Kirsty Hughes looks at the evidence.

The multipolar challenge to free expression

From the Magazine: As emerging markets command influence on the international stage, Saul Estrin and Kirsty Hughes look at the impact on economics, politics and human rights

The Multipolar Challenge to Free Expression

Coming up in the next issue of Index on Censorship magazine, out today, is a special report on the shifting world power balance and the implications for freedom of expression.