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Syria: Journalist beaten, arrested in Damascus

A Syrian journalist has been beaten, arrested and detained whilst covering a protest in Damascus. Rudy Othman, a prominent freelance journalist, was arrested by security forces during a protest on Thursday, but his whereabouts, legal status, or condition have not been released by the Syrian government. This is the third occasion on which Othman, who has covered the Syrian uprising […]

Libya: British journalists freed

Two British journalists who were arrested and accused of spying by a Libyan militia group have been released. Gareth Montgomery-Johnson and Nicholas Davies, who work for Iran’s state-owned Press TV were released on Sunday and cleared of all charges. The journalist’s were arrested on 23 February by a Misrata militia based in Tripoli in a direct challenge to the […]

Saudi Arabia: Website managers held without charge

Three Saudi web managers from news websites which cover political unrest are being held in prison without charge. Habib Ali al-Maatiq and Hussein Malik al-Salam from Al-Fajr Cultural Network and Jalal Mohamed al-Jamal from news website Al-Awamia were arrested by security forces in February. The Al-Fajr Cultural Network website, which covers covers pro-reform protests in the predominantly Shia region, was taken down […]

Somalia: Journalist shot dead in Galkayo

A Somalian journalist has been shot dead by gunmen. Ali Ahmed Abdi who worked for a Somali news website was shot in the head several times by masked men as he walked home on Sunday evening in the northern town of Galkayo. Until recently, Abdi had been working for the privately owned Galkayo Radio. Abdi is the third […]

Libya: British journalists accused of spying by militia group

Two British journalists have been accused of spying in Libya by a militia group who arrested them last month. Gareth Montgomery-Johnson, 36, and Nicholas Davies, 37, from Iran’s state-owned Press TV were arrested by the militia group in Tripoli on 23 February. In a late-night press conference, Dr Suleiman Fortia, a Misratan member of Libya’s ruling National Transitional Council showed what […]

Cuba: Journalist faces decades in prison

A Cuban journalist is facing more than ten years in prison for alleged corruption offences. José Antonio Torres, a correspondent for Granma, the party newspaper, in Santiago de Cuba, was detained on 11 March, 2011 after writing two articles criticising a major government infrastructure project. In the articles, Torres said experts undertaking the rebuilding of a key aqueduct intended […]

Iran: Two journalists detained in new wave of arrests

Two journalists have been arrested in Iran following a  new crackdown on journalists and women’s rights activists. Blogger and activist Parastou Dokouhaki, was arrested on Sunday, while journalist Marzieh Rasouli was arrested on Tuesday. Dokouhaki, who used to work for feminist magazine, was arrested after security agents entered her home, confiscated her computer and personal effects, and detained her. She is […]

Turkish crackdown on Kurdish journalists

As over 40 people, many of them journalists, are detained on terrorism charges across Turkey, Kaya Genç examines the latest attempt to silence the Kurdish press

Turkey: 40 journalists arrested in alleged terror plot

Forty Turkish journalists were arrested in raids which targeted suspected members of the “press and propaganda wing” of a banned Kurdish separatist group. The arrests in Istanbul yesterday morning came during continuing investigation into the outlawed  Union of Kurdistan Communities (KCK). At around 7am yesterday, anti-terrorist police raided the offices of several media organisations, the majority of which were pro-Kurdish […]

Zimbabwe: Media monitoring project staff denied freedom

Detained staff from a Zimbabwean media monitoring project have been refused bail. Advocacy officers Molly Chimhanda and Fadzai December from Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe (MMPZ), and an another MMPZ member, Gilbert Mabusa, were arrested on 5 December. The three were granted bail of US$50 by a Gwanda magistrate, but the state subsequently suspended that ruling. As the bail order […]

Zimbabwe: Media Monitoring Project staff detained

Staff from a Zimbabwean free expression organisation have been arrested and detained. Advocacy officers Molly Chimhanda and Fadzai December from Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe (MMPZ), and an accompanying member of MMPZ, Gilbert Mabusa, were arrested on 5 December 2011 in the city of Gwanda. The trio are being charged with “participating in a gathering with intent to promote […]

Somalia: Journalists arrested in clampdown

Two journalists have been arrested in Somalia after police refused to accept their press cards. Salad Tifow Hassan and Qadar Hussein Ahmed from privately-owned Radio Banadir were arrested by patrolling police officers who were patrolling in Mogadishu, and accused them of committing a security breach. Presenter Hassan and producer Ahmed were released on Sunday, with no explanation given […]