Libel costs reform stalled by Labour MPs' revolt
30 Mar 2010

A Statutory Instrument that would have reformed costs in English libel cases was stalled at committee stage tonight after several Labour MPs voted against their party whip to bock a reduction of lawyers’ success fees from a 100 per cent mark-up to 10 per cent. Chris Mullin, Peter Kilfoyle, Tom Watson and Jim Sheridan, and Conservative Julie Kirkbride acted against the move. Watson and Kilfoyle have both taken advantage of Conditional Fee Agreements in past court cases. Other Conservative MPs abstained from the vote.

The proposal will now go to a full parliamentary vote.

[Note: post updated to 12.05 a.m. to clarify Julie Kirkbride is a Conservative party MP]

7 responses to “Libel costs reform stalled by Labour MPs’ revolt”

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  4. Alec says:

    Was the Pooh Bah – in titles and looks – Tony Baldry one of the abstainers?

  5. Craig Thomas says:

    Really surprised at Chris Mullin (author of A Very British Coup), who usually isn’t one to defend the interests of the establishment.

  6. Julie K is a Tory, but yeah, what a bunch of bellends.

  7. Jon Patience says:

    Unbelievable idiots.

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