The long reach: How authoritarian countries are silencing critics abroad

The Spring 2024 issue of Index looks at how authoritarian states are reaching across borders in their attempts to silence dissidents. Nowhere is safe for those speaking out against oppressive regimes in the modern age, as governments use sinister tactics to stifle dissent abroad. Index highlights stories from around the world which aim to shed light on the ways certain states are harassing, threatening and silencing critics overseas, from Mexico to Turkey to Eritrea.Outside of our special report, Eduardo Halfon takes us on a guided tour of Guatemala's crime traps, Rebecca L Root looks at how the USA campaign against reproductive rights is going global and Mehran Firdous follows Kashmiri journalist Fahad Shah in the weeks following his release from prison. Elsewhere, Martin Bright details his personal experience with Julian Assange, Mark Frary speaks to Nobel Peace Prize winner Oleksandra Matviichuk about democracy and Ukraine, and we publish a new translation of one of Victoria Amelina's short stories from Stephen Komarnyckyj.



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