Free Speech Bites: Timothy Garton Ash on global free speech standards
01 Feb 2013

Timothy Garton Ash is Professor of European Studies at Oxford University, and a noted author and commentator. Here he tells Nigel Warburton about his Free Speech Debate project, a forum for discussing global free speech standards in the digital age

Download the mp3 here

2 responses to “Free Speech Bites: Timothy Garton Ash on global free speech standards”

  1. t.franulovic says:

    Dear Prof. Garton Ash,
    I have been trying to send you our (LSE IDEAS) lecture and dinner invitation for some time now.
    Could you please get in touch with me on above email so that I can send you our official invite?

    With thanks and kind regards,
    Tiha Franulovic, P.A. to Professors Cox and Westad

  2. T. Colvin says:

    Soooo… How do Garton’s principles *improve* on what we *already* have in the West (which he seems almost ashamed of) Exactly what limits should we impose on ourselves as signatories to these principles? If none, then isn’t he just blowing smoke? Sounds like a case of Oxford-itis.

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