Watch: David Miranda lawyer says case is of concern for journalists worldwide
22 Aug 2013

Statement from Gwendolen Morgan of Bindmans LLP after David Miranda wins a limited injunction preventing UK government from “inspecting, copying or sharing” data seized from him at Heathrow Airport on 19 August.

Miranda, the partner of Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, was detained and questioned by UK police for nine hours, and had data drives, believed to hold information leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, seized from him.

According to the Guardian,

The court ruled the authorities must not inspect the data nor distribute it domestically or to any foreign government or agency unless it is for the purpose of ensuring the protection national security or for investigating whether Miranda is himself involved in the commission, instigation or preparation of an act of terrorism.

But the ruling also meant that data cannot be used for the purposes of criminal investigation

via the Guardian

Padraig Reidy

One response to “Watch: David Miranda lawyer says case is of concern for journalists worldwide”

  1. Bitethehand says:

    “lawyer says case is of concern for journalists worldwide”

    But there’s no explanation as to why this is a concern.

    Or are we supposed to take all lawyers as being exempt from the usual convention of providing evidence?

    Having read quite a few journalists’ contributions since the detention of Mr Miranda, I’ve not got the impression that any of them seem concerned. Well apart from the editor of the Guardian, but I suspect that’s more to do with his paper’s falling circulation figures.