Tweeting in Tehran
Citizen media is playing an essential part in getting news out from Iran.
15 Jun 09

Though the Iranian authorities seem determined to keep a grip on information getting in and out of the country following the weekend’s dubious election victory for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, they have failed to shut down Twitter. You can follow what’s happening around in Iran and reaction from around the world at #IranElection, #Mousavi and #Tehran. The Tweeter persiankiwi is providing regular updates from Tehran.

Richard Sambrook has a good analysis of Twitter “coverage” of the events here.

Meanwhile, you can read an account of conditions for those detained by riot police in Tehran here. It’s written by George McLeod, a reporter for Canada’s Globe and Mail, who was taken in by police last night.

And the BBC has a good round up of the clampdown here