Binyam Mohamed: security services aware of treatment
31 Jul 09

A revised High Court judgment on the case of Binyam Mohamed suggests that British intelligence services were aware of the location and treatment of the Ethiopian-born former Guantanamo inmate during his detention in Morroco. Mohamed claims to have been tortured while imprisoned there.

The revisions to Lord Justice Thomas and Mr Justice Lloyd Jones’s August 2008 judgment came after new materials on the case came to light. The materials confirmed that by August 2002, British security services were aware that Mohamed was being held in a covert location, and were in a position to forward questions to be used in interrogation. The judges also suggest that this knowledge was widespread at a senior level in the secret service.

A key secret service employee, Witness B, was also shown to have visited Morocco on three occasions while Mohamed was detained there. Witness B and his employers maintain that he did not know Mohamed was in Morocco at the time.

Index on Censorship, along with US and UK media, is seeking the discloure of materials concerning Binyam Mohamed’s treatment in detention.

Read the full revised judgment here