Time for a revolution?
17 Sep 2009


Is it time for another revolution? Timothy Garton Ash poses a leading question as he revisits the momentous events of 1989 in the latest issue of Index on Censorship. Writers and journalists across eastern Europe join him in assessing the legacy, and put the media under scrutiny. Cristian Tudor Popescu charts the highs and lows for journalists in Romania; Jan Bubenik remembers the night he became a velvet revolutionary; novelist Ivan Klíma reconsiders his expectations and Maria Eismont addresses the decline of press freedom in Russia.

Also in this issue: award-winning journalist Lydia Cacho tells the remarkable story of how she survived an abduction and death threats; Brian Klug explores the Jewish tradition of dissent and Geoffrey Robertson dissects the threats to free speech in the UK.

One response to “Time for a revolution?”

  1. jean-claude Marize says:

    Could you send me by mail the article written by cristian Tudor Popescu