Liberty, if it means anything…
Jack of Kent on Orwell's legacy, 60 years on
22 Jan 10

The emminently readable Jack of Kent blog marks the sixtieth anniversary of George Orwell’s death with some pertinent questions for any self-professing Orwell fan:

What habits of thought and language do you have which could lead to cruelty and abuse?

When do your purported progressive opinions slide into mere justifications for inhumane treatment?

Why, like Winston Smith, do you find O’Brien so attractive and want to believe in him?

Who, for you, is the Snowball or Goldstein that you always want to blame?

How do you seek to try and limit the vocabulary and free expression of those with whom you disagree?

Are you really intellectually and morally honest?

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By Padraig Reidy

Padraig Reidy is the editor of Little Atoms and a columnist for Index on Censorship. He has also written for The Observer, The Guardian, and The Irish Times.