I am the world's worst tennis player
Padraig Reidy: So who is the world's worst tennis player?
25 Feb 10

I’m rubbish at tennis. Really, embarrassingly bad. To be honest, it’s never really bothered me. Don’t even like tennis. And I certainly have no intention of making money from my tennis skills or lack thereof.

It’s a different story for Robert Dee, who is a professional tennis player. Unfortunately for Robert, his tennis skills have been derided by more than one media outlet. He’s even been called the world’s worst tennis pro.

I know nothing about tennis, so I couldn’t possibly comment. He’s probably better than me, anyway. Read about his record here and judge for yourself.

Anyway, Robert Dee objects to being called the world’s worst tennis player. He says it could damage his prospects for future employment. So he’s threatened to sue the various media outlets who have described him so. Many of them have apologised. And paid Mr Dee remuneration.

The Daily Telegraph has refused to apologise to Mr Dee. They are now in court, defending a libel action.

So is this a matter of truth, justification, or fair comment?

By Padraig Reidy

Padraig Reidy is the editor of Little Atoms and a columnist for Index on Censorship. He has also written for The Observer, The Guardian, and The Irish Times.