Peru: Charges dismissed against Radio La Voz
23 Feb 10

Olga Bobadilla Terán, head of the Utcubamba Provincial Attorney General’s First Office, dropped a case against the La Voz de Bagua radio, on 16 February.

Radio La Voz was accused by Oswaldo Arroyo, a public prosecutor with the Justice Ministry, of “incitement to violence”, relating to incidents that took place on 5 June 2009 in the city of Bagua Grande, in Utcubamba province. The judge has found that the station and its staff only did their work reporting on the events and they are not responsible for the crimes they had been accused.

The Peruvian government’s cancelled the broadcast license of Radio La Voz on 8 June 2009. Carlos Flores Rojas, director of the radio, said the ruling reaffirmed that the actions against the station initiated by government personnel were abusive and arbitrary. He called on the government to now take the necessary steps to allow for the reopening of the station.