Libel reform on Thought For The Day
Padraig Reidy: Libel Reform on Thought For The Day
24 Mar 10

I may, in the past, have had a go at Radio 4’s Thought For The Day.

I may have complained that “The allocation of airtime to this deadening fuzzy logic, bang in the middle of a programme that’s supposed to be about truth, honesty and fairness, is one of the great mysteries of the modern age.”

But today Oliver McTernan used the slot to talk about libel reform, specifically the mass lobby at parliament yesterday.

So now I think Thought For The Day is great.

You can listen to it here.

By Padraig Reidy

Padraig Reidy is the editor of Little Atoms and a columnist for Index on Censorship. He has also written for The Observer, The Guardian, and The Irish Times.