I'm a celebrity get me some privacy?
David Paton: I'm a celebrity get me some privacy?
02 Jul 10

Forget the stereotypical images of old women gossiping to their neighbours over the garden fence, rumours of celebrity scandal were spreading like wildfire last night amongst London’s legal elite. Journalist and leading legal commentator Joshua Rozenberg chaired a seminar with media specialists William McCormick QC and Amber Melville-Brown, OK! social editor Mark Moody and former Apprentice star Lorraine Tighe to discuss recent developments in privacy law. However, it did not take long for the panel to start talking about the buzz circulating the net that offers an explanation for England’s dismal World Cup campaign.

Like the panel members, Index is not at liberty to fully spill the beans given the UK’s uncertain privacy laws but a quick search on Google or Twitter by more technologically astute readers will satisfy your curiosity. If you still need a helping hand we can offer a clue – it’s not drugs and it’s not rock and roll. Expect the Red tops to have a field day on Sunday when, in the words of one panel member, “it’s gonna hit the fan”.  The seminar was entitled “I’m a celebrity get me some privacy!” but somewhat ironically, the audience left the event grabbing for their blackberries eager to find out the juicy details. It just goes to prove that everyone, regardless of colour, religion or creed just loves hearing a good bit of dirt.

“I’m a celebrity get me some privacy” was organised YN Lawyers committee to raise funds for Norwood, a leading UK charity supporting people with learning disabilities and children and families in need