Mike Harris on the death of Aleh Byabenin in Belarus
07 Sep 2010

Index on Censorship’s Mike Harris was due to meet Charter 97‘s Aleh Byabenin in Minsk, Belarus last week. Instead he ended up attending his funeral. As Index reported on Saturday, Byabenin was found dead on Friday evening, apparently hanged.

Mike explained the situation in Belarus to BBC World Service’s Europe Today yesterday (6 September). Click here to listen (from 40 mins in).

Mike was also interviewed for Russian television after Aleh’s funeral, along with members of Charter 97 and the Belarus Free Theatre.

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  2. […] Europe’s top human rights watchdog, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), called on Monday for an independent investigation into the murder, warning of the “chilling effect” on the Belarussian media if a proper inquiry is not held. Today Mike Harris, the public affairs manager of Index on Censorship, said the death “has sent shock waves through civil society in Belarus”. […]