UK: Teenager denies making 'grossly offensive' comments on Facebook
20 Mar 2012

The teenager accused of making “grossly offensive” comments about the deaths of six British soldiers in Afghanistan has denied charges against him. Azhar Ahmed, of West Yorkshire, appeared before Dewsbury Magistrates’ Court today. Ahmed is charged under the Communications Act 2003 after allegedly posting a message on Facebook earlier this month commenting on the relative coverage of British soldiers killed in a bomb blast in Afghanistan and the deaths of Afghan civilians. The teen also faced a racially-aggravated public order charge, but this was withdrawn before the court today. Ahmed will will stand trial at Huddersfield Magistrates’ Court on 3 July.


One response to “UK: Teenager denies making ‘grossly offensive’ comments on Facebook”

  1. Bertram Fox says:

    It’s been wisely said that we must defend the freedom to give offence. Because anything worth saying is going to offend someone, so if giving offence becomes a crime, free speech is dead.