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29 Apr 13

Social Media Censorship Offers Clues to China’s Plans
What gets removed from China’s social networks shows how censorship strategies are advancing, and can even hint at the government’s plans.
(MIT Technology Review)

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra: Filmmakers should do self-censorship
“Rang De Basanti” helmer Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra feels that filmmakers should exercise self-censorship while making a film in the nation of culturally diverse population. (

English Pen: we’ve got a defamation bill but it’s how we act that matters
Political and public opinion may have shifted on libel reform but there is still alot of detail to be worked out. (Guardian)

Bahrain arrests 22 over anti-govt protests
Bahrain has arrested 22 suspects over their alleged involvement in the unrest during a recent series of rallies against the Al Khalifa regime, including in the Formula One Race protest earlier in April. (RT)

Propaganda and Censorship: The Hollywood Industrial Complex
The new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will fly its first mission on June 14, 2013, but it won’t be over Afghanistan, Syria or Yemen. It’ll be over the mythical town of Smallville, in the upcoming film “Man of Steel”. (

Free speech, not hate speech, upheld for all at University of Arizona
Speakers and purveyors of reprehensible speech can be motivated by many things. Sometimes it is profit, sometimes self-gratification, but quite often it is a simple need for attention. (Arizona Daily Wildcat)