8 Oct: The elephant in the room: parallels between Martyr and Homegrown

Join Index on Censorship, Actors Touring Company and the Unicorn Theatre for an evening of theatre and debate on Thursday 8 Oct beginning at 7pm.


Are censorship and self-censorship taking place in the UK right now?

Following Index’s work on art and offence, and our recent publication of guidance on staging controversial productions, join us to debate free speech, tolerance and extremism.

The debate follows a performance of Martyr, a play produced by ATC and the Unicorn Theatre. About a schoolboy who decides to become an ‘extremist’ Christian, and his subsequent clash with his radical-secular school teacher, Martyr explores how far one will go for what they believe in?

Homegrown was a play that sought to explore Islamic radicalisation among young people in the United Kingdom. The National Youth Theatre, the producers, said that “the subject matter of this play, its immersive form and its staging in a school required us to go beyond our usual stringent safeguarding procedures”. Apparently worried about the “creative and personal development of the young people” involved – the show was cancelled.

The discussion will feature:

  • Nadia Latif – Director, Homegrown
  • Moazzam Begg – ex-Guantanamo detainee and Director of Outreach CAGE
  • Rev Giles Fraser – priest, former canon St Paul’s Cathedral and columnist
  • Purni Morrell – Artistic Director, Unicorn Theatre
  • Julia Farrington – Index on Censorship
  • Gabriel Gatehouse – BBC News (chair)

Where: Unicorn Theatre
When: Thursday 8th October, Martyr 19:00 – 20:30, Event 20:45 onwards.
Tickets: Free with ticket to Martyr, or email [email protected]

One response to “8 Oct: The elephant in the room: parallels between Martyr and Homegrown”

  1. Jeannie Farr says:

    This is a must see and participate in occasion in my view. I was particularly impressed by Ramin Gray’s openness as well as horrified that the NYT felt it necessary to pull ‘Homegrown’. How worrying.