What is left of a free Press? (Buenos Aires Times, 4 May 2019)
04 May 2019

The last and really big incident was the murder in Pinamar on January 25, 1997, of Noticias reporter and photographer José Luis Cabezas, aged 36, trapped when enquiring into the proceedings of mafia groups closely linked to the government of Carlos Saúl Menem. So, what exactly does World Press Freedom Day represent and how much or how far can it really refer to the strange concoction of the press today? Rachael Jolley, editor of the London-based campaigning quarterly Index on Censorship, wrote: “Many of those who fight for freedom of expression feel that declining numbers of local reporters just make it easier for governments to cover up scandals, leave the public ill-informed, and make sure only the information they want is out there.” Read the full article.

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