Stop deleting our media shows – what we watch shouldn’t be heavily restricted (Independent)
Jemimah Steinfeld, head of content for Index on Censorship, writes in the Independent about the debate around censoring TV comedy
29 Sep 20

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Head of content for Index on Censorship Jemimah Steinfeld writes in the Independent on the trend of policing TV shows, and the debate at the BBC on biases in comedy.

“Great comedy needs free expression. It’s its lifeline. And some of the best comedy offends those on both the left and the right. That doesn’t mean it has to be completely unfiltered; comedy should not incite hatred and violence (which some are definitely guilty of). But there is a gap between this and the more subjective charge of causing offence or being biased.”

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