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#IndexAwards2019: Ms Saffaa’s murals confront Saudi oppression

alt informationMs Saffaa is a self-exiled Saudi street artist living in Australia who uses murals to highlight women’s rights and human rights violations in Saudi Arabia.

#IndexAwards2019: ElMadina for Performing and Digital Arts challenges Egypt’s restrictive laws

alt informationElMadina for Performing and Digital Arts is a group of artists and arts managers who combine art and protest by encouraging Egyptians to get involved in performances in public spaces, defying the country’s restrictive laws.

#IndexAwards2019: ArtLords motivates grassroots to address Afghanistan’s issues

alt informationArtLords is a grassroots movement of artists and volunteers in Afghanistan who encourage ordinary citizens, especially women and children, to paint the issues that concern them on so-called blast walls: walls the country’s rich and the powerful have built around themselves to protect them from violence while the poor fend for themselves.

Protests in motion: When films inspire rights’ movements

alt informationTen Years, a dystopian vision of Hong Kong under China’s rule, is just the last example of how popular films and rights’ movements can go together

Bolo Bhi: Pakistan’s cyber crimes bill needs major changes

alt informationThe cyber crimes bill passed by Pakistan’s lower legislative chamber is unacceptable and needs major changes, Bolo Bhi told Index on Censorship.

Italy: Reform could introduce fines for needless defamation suits against journalists

alt informationRecommendations approved by the Italian chamber of deputies could offer more protection to journalists.