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UK: receives police warning for Facebook joke about Olympic flame

A woman who joked on Facebook that she planned to squirt the Olympic flame with a water pistol has been issued with a warning by police. Helen Perry posted the joke on a local newspaper page, and was contacted by the police several weeks later. In the post, Perry added that she would block the route through […]

Burma: Media censorship to ease

Burma’s heavy censorship rules are set to be lifted later this month, it has been announced. Tint Swe, head of the Press Scrutinisation and Registration Department (PSRD) has said that the iron grip currently experienced by the Burmese press will be lifted in a significant reform. Until recently, everything from newspapers to fairy tales were subject to scrutiny […]

Azerbaijan: Editor claims he was tortured in detention

The lawyer for the editor-in-chief of an Azerbaijani news website has claimed his client was tortured following his arrest. Nijat Aliyev from Islamic news website Azadexber was arrested on 20 May for narcotics charges and put in two months of pre-trial detention. According to Azerbaijan-based organisation Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS), the editor’s lawyer Anar Gasimli […]

Ecuador: Critical radio and TV stations closed down

Critical TV and radio stations in Ecuador have been closed down, after authorities stormed the offices and seized equipment. Authorities of the Police and the Telecommunications Superintendence (SUPERTEL) in the North East of Ecuador closed TV station Lidervisión and Radio Líder. They arrived at Lidervisión headquarters with a warrant from SUPERTEL, and proceeded to search the office, breaking and […]

Colombia: Rebels free French reporter

Colombian rebel group Farc has freed a French reporter, just over one month after they took him hostage. Roméo Langlois was kidnapped during a fire fight between the rebels and Colombia’s military forces on on 28 April, and has been held captive since. Langlois, a reporter for France24, had accompanied soldiers who were on a mission to destroy Farc cannabis farms […]

Pakistan: Journalist killed, house of another attacked

A local TV correspondent has been murdered in Pakistan, while another has had his house attacked. Abdul Qadir Hajizai, a correspondent for a Balochi-language TV channel WASH TV, was shot by men on motorcycles on 27 May as he headed home from work. The journalist later died in hospital. Separatist group Baloch Liberation United Front (BLUF) have […]

China: Censors erase 13 minutes from ‘Men in Black 3’ to remove Chinese villains

China’s film censors have erased 13 minutes of footage from the new Men in Black film to remove the appearance of Chinese villains. Beijing’s censors have removed a scene showing an alien disguised as a Chinese restaurant worker, along with the appearance of a Chinese cashier girl who uses her long alien tongue to attack Will […]

South Africa: Newspaper drops controversial image of president from website

The website of a South African newspaper has been forced to remove an image of a controversial painting of President Jacob Zuma.  City Press newspaper were put under pressure from the ruling African National Congress (ANC) who called for the website to be boycotted until the “insulting portrait” was removed. The image, which shows the president with his […]

Israel: Haaretz journalist to be indicted for possession of classified IDF documents

Israel’s Attorney General will indict a journalist from daily newspaper Haaretz, for possession of classified documents. The State Prosecutor’s Office claims that Uri Blau had thousands of top secret and military documents in his possession, which are believed to have been stolen by former IDF soldier Anat Kamm. Blau will be charged with “aggravated espionage” under Israel’s Penal Code, […]

Malawi: Journalist arrested for article on same-sex marriage

A journalist has been arrested in Malawi for writing an article on a same-sex engagement ceremony. Clement Chinoko, who works for Blantyre Newspapers Limited, was arrested on 26 May after an article appeared in the Malawi’s Sunday Times on 20 May detailing the engagement of two women in the southern city of Blantyre. The journalist has been charged with “conduct […]

Thailand: Webmaster Chiranuch Premchaiporn sentenced in lèse majesté case

A Thai webmaster has been found guilty of not removing posts deemed insulting to the country’s monarchy quickly enough. The court showed leniency to Chiranuch Premchaiporn, who faced up to 20 years in prison under the country’s computer crime laws. She was fined 20,000 baht ($625),  and given an eight month suspended sentence. Chiranuch was prosecuted after comments posted on her website Prachatai news […]

Ethiopia: Police detain VOA reporter, interpreter

Ethiopian Police have detained two journalists who were working for US funded broadcaster Voice of America (VOA). Peter Heinlein, a VOA correspondent, was arrested along with freelance reporter Simegnish Yekoye and an interpreter. The trio were detained whilst covering a demonstration of Muslims protesting against government interference in religious affairs. They are currently being held in a federal detention […]