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DR Congo: TV station set ablaze

Studios of a private television station in Congo were set alight yesterday. Radio Lisanga Télévision studios in Kinshasa were allegedly set on fire by a group of men throwing tear gas, petrol bombs and incendiary grenades into the building. The station has aired programmes in favour of the opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi and it is […]

Ethiopia: Terrorism charges against five journalists

Terrorism charges have been filed against five journalists in Ethiopia. Four independent journalists and the editor of a US based news forum have been detained in the country since June and July. The group were formally charged before the High Court on Tuesday, following their entry to Ethiopia in June with the Ogaden National Liberation […]

Yemen: Journalists in further attacks

Two Yemeni journalists were attacked by armed men on Monday.  Abdul al-Hafeez al-Hatami from news website Al-Sahwa Net and Raafat al-Amiri, cameraman for Suhail TV, an opposition news station, were covering the rising prices of oil in the western province of Hobeidah.  The journalists were attacked by a group of men in Al-Duha district, who confiscated their camera, […]

Turkey: Investigative journalists complete six months in detention before trial

Two Turkish investigative journalists have spent six months in prison before they go to trial. Ahmet Sik and Nedim Sener were arrested on 3 March for being involved with the alleged terrorist conspiracy known as “Ergenekon.” Turkish authorities jailed Sik for an unpublished draft copy of a book he had written which is said to contain […]

Angola: Journalists attacked while covering protest

Security forces in Angola attacked journalists at an anti-government protest on Saturday. Voice of America‘s Alexandre Neto claimed that he was pushed to the floor by police and unidentified men in plain clothes, who then seized his backpack carrying his mobile phone, camera, passport and driver’s license, none of which have been returned. Security agents also attacked […]

Iran: Magazine closed down amid row over satirical image

Iranian magazine Shahrvand-e-Emrooz was closed this week for after publishing a satirical front-page image depicting President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad being lectured by his Chief-of-Staff, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei. The image, published last month, highlighted Iranian conservatives concerns about Mashaei’s growing political influence, his opponents claim he is attempting to undermine clerical power in Iran. Shahrvand-e-Emrooz  was faced restrictions before, it was temporarily closed […]

Syria: Journalist arrested, held without charge

A Syrian journalist has been arrested by security forces in Damascus. Amer Matar, from pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat was arrested on Saturday, though reasons for this are still unclear. Before his arrest, Matar emailed a friend a copy of his will, stating “I may not come back from Friday prayers.” Matar, who is also a political activist, called for peaceful […]

Azerbaijan: Reporter abducted, forced to cross Iranian border

A journalist claims he was kidnapped and expelled from Azerbaijan. Yafez Hasanov, an Azerbaijani correspondent from Radio Azadliq, part of Radio Free Europe, was in Naxcivan investigating the death of airport technician Turaz Zeynalov, when he was abducted by three men. The suspects — who were driving a vehicle similar to those used by government […]