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Stifling free speech online in the war on fake news

alt informationPoliticians around the world are trying to stamp out fake news online but at what cost to freedom of expression?

Salil Tripathi: As Singapore turns 50, is it on the cusp of becoming different?

alt informationAs the Asian city-state marks its 50th anniversary of independence, Salil Tripathi examines the country's fuzzy relationship with free expression

Singapore: Blogger removes posts under threat from prime minister

alt informationA Singaporean blogger has had to take down another four blog posts and a YouTube video after receiving another letter from the lawyer of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Kirsten Han reports

Singapore: Blogger targeted by prime minister

alt informationSingaporean blogger Roy Ngerng has become the latest critic of the government to receive a lawyer’s letter, writes Kirsten Han

Singapore: Independent media making a mark despite restrictions

alt informationAs Singaporeans increasing turn to the internet as their source of news and information, websites and blogs are making an unmistakable impact on the city state's media landscape, Kirsten Han reports