Category : Fellowship 2017

#IndexAwards2017 fellows: “Governments don’t care about the human rights argument”

alt informationSince the Index on Censorship Awards, the 2017 fellows have been busy doing important work in their respective fields to further the cause of freedom of expression around the world

#IndexAwards2017: Ildar Dadin returns to activism

alt informationFreedom of Expression Campaigning Award-winner Ildar Dadin has returned to activism since his release from prison in February

#IndexAwards2017: Turkey Blocks defends digital freedom

alt information2017 Freedom of Expression Award-winner Digital Activism award-winner Turkey Blocks continues to monitor internet freedom in Turkey.

#IndexAwards2017: Award raises Maldives Independent’s profile

alt informationFollowing the Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards in April, journalism award-winner Maldives Independent has undergone a period of change and restructuring.

#IndexAwards2017: Rebel Pepper continues his work in the United States

alt informationArts fellow Rebel Pepper has continued to publish cartoons and speak out against the Chinese government on limits on freedom of expression.

Ildar Dadin: “Together, we can refuse to look away”

alt informationThe 2017 Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Campaigning Award winning Ildar Dadin's acceptance speech.

Zaheena Rasheed, Maldives Independent: “This award feels like a lifeline”

alt informationThe 2017 Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Journalism Award-winning Maldives Independent acceptance speech.

Alp Toker, Turkey Blocks: “Online censorship is increasingly used to mask more severe human rights violations”

alt informationInternet shutdowns – the wholesale censorship of millions of voices and silencing of entire populations – pose a grave threat to the media, democracy, most of all vulnerable communities and ordinary citizens.

Ildar Dadin: “For Putin it’s important to break the spirit of a free man”

alt informationRussian activist Ildar Dadin spoke about the total breakdown of the rule of law and his own incarceration and torture at an event hosted by Doughty Street Chambers.

#IndexAwards2017: Turkey Blocks strives to win back the internet

alt informationEstablished in 2015, Turkey Blocks is an independent digital research organisation that monitors internet access restrictions in Turkey

Freedom of Expression Awards Fellowship: Supporting efforts to defeat censorship

alt informationThe Freedom of Expression Awards Fellowship programme offers direct support to groups and individuals striving to defeat censorship globally.