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Global Journalist: Local news in global decline

alt informationIndex magazine editor Rachael Jolley joins Global Journalist to discuss the decline of local news all around the world and what this means for democracy.

Project Exile: Editor escaped Sri Lanka after husband’s murder

alt information"You really feel like your country has betrayed you."

Project Exile: Threatened in Mexico, facing deportation in the USA

alt informationJournalist Emilio Gutiérrez fled Mexico after soldiers sent him a warning. Now the USA wants to send him back.

Project Exile: Vietnam journalist went to France after six years in prison

alt information"The problems started when I did not confess to any crimes and when I refused to wear the prison uniform"

Project Exile: Turkey’s Dündar free in exile, still threatened

alt informationCan Dündar isn't easily silenced. The outspoken Turkish columnist and editor has been fired, jailed and even shot at by a would-be assassin for his coverage of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government.

Project Exile: Russian journalist flees after car fire, faeces attack

alt informationA decade ago, Russian journalist Yulia Latynina thought dissidents who compared President Vladimir Putin’s rule to the Soviet times were ridiculous.

Journalism in Exile: “Turkey had turned into hell for journalism”

alt informationIt’s 2016. Turkey is in a state of emergency after the failed coup d’etat of the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan government. Journalists like Yavuz Baydar are going to be more at risk than ever before.

Journalism in Exile: Editor uses social media to pressure Azerbaijan’s government

alt informationOn the night that Rahim Haciyev accepted the Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Guardian Journalism Award, he held aloft a copy of Azadliq, the paper that persevered despite assaults from the government whose misdoings it exposed

Journalism in Exile: Iranian journalist Omid Rezaee believes storytelling can save us

alt informationThe Iranian-born mechanical engineering student was the editor-in-chief of Fanous, a student magazine which was banned for standing with the Green Movement

Project Exile: Turkish editor departs after police raid

alt information"I realise it was the best decision of my life because I would be imprisoned right now, like my colleagues."

Project Exile: Pakistani reporter moves to France after kidnap attempt

alt information"The question is now, under the change of government, would I be welcome? I'm still being outspoken about what I think."