Index on Censorship Award winners 2007

The Index on Censorship Hugo Young Journalism Award

Kareem Amer is the pseudonym for the Egyptian blogger Abdul Kareem Suleiman Amer. His blog writings about secularism and women rights led to his arrest and detention in October 2005, his expulsion form Al-Azhar University in early 2006, and a second arrest in November 2006 that has left him in solitary confinement ever since. On 22 February 2007 he was sentenced to four year’s imprisonment for insulting Islam and President Mubarak and for inciting sedition.

The Index on Censorship Whistleblowing Award

Chen Guangcheng is a self-taught lawyer in the Shandong province of China who has been regaled as representative of an emerging group of liberal Chinese intellectuals. He gained international attention for publishing reports on forced abortions and sterilisations. In August 2006 he was sentenced to four years in prison. His appeal was rejected on 12 January 2007.

The Index on Censorship Film Award

Five Days by Yoav Shamir is a documentary about the Israel Defence Forces as they evacuate 8000 Jewish settlers from the Gaza strip in August 2005, to make way for 250,000 Palestinians. The director builds a composite impression of the withdrawal that does justice to the complexity of the issues at stake and the conflicting aims and worldviews of those taking part.

The T.R. Fyvel Book Award

Being Arab by Samir Kassir is a searing analysis of the predicament facing the Arab world considering what he calls the Arab ‘malaise’ – a condition which he believes springs form a crippling sense of impotence. Samir Kassir was a journalist and historian, who was assassinated in Beirut in June 2005.

The Bindmans’ Law and Campaigning Award

When Siphiwe Hlophe from Swaziland discovered she was HIV positive in 1999, she was abandoned by her husband and lost an agricultural economics scholarship. She reacted by co-founding an organisation called Swazis for Positive Living (Swapol) in 2001, which aims to fight gender discrimination related to HIV/Aids and to help other HIV/Aids victims.