No.1 / 2009

From Ulysses to Last Exit Brooklyn, obscenity trials are a benchmark for the limits of cultural tolerance. As the first prosecution of the written word in more than 30 years takes place in the UK, Index on Censorship assesses the landscape. Are we becomming less permissive than our parents? Is the Obscene Publications Act fit for purpose in a digital age? Should governments control what we see online to protect our children? Leading commentators on the subject give their verdict. With Anthony Julius, Anne Higonnet, Julian Petley, John Ozimek, Seth Finkelstein, Murray Perkins, Marjorie Heins and Tony Bennett.

Anthony Julius and Julian Petley: a discussion on art, obscenity and the law

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John Ozimek: the technology revolution is redefining the boundaries

Tony Bennett: comic books are not just for kids

Julian Petley on the prospects for free speech online

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Marjorie Heins says the Internet is making the law unworkable

Anne Higonnet on why artists are heading for a collision course

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Elena Martellozzo and Helen Taylor assess the impact of child pornography

Seth Finkelstein on the censoring of obscenity online BBFC film examiner Murray Perkins gives the lowdown

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Also in this issue


Rohan Jayasekera on Iraq’s year of elections


Shahvalad Chobanoglu says independent press in Azerbaijan is struggling to survive

Sanjuana Martinez exposes a culture of censorship in Mexico

Sanjana Hattotuwa explains the chilling effect of legislation in Sri Lanka


Martin Rowson says breaking taboos is the heart of satire


Ena Lucia Portela ‘The last passenger’

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