Kyrgyzstan police close journalist murder case

Officials in Kyrgyzstan have claimed at a news conference that a local police officer has admitted to inflicting the injuries on freelance journalist Almazbek Tashiyev that resulted in his death last week.  They claim the policeman knew Tashiyev well and the row was personal and now consider the case to be closed. Upon admission to hospital Tashiyev, and his brother who also witnessed the incident said he had been assaulted by “about 10 policemen”.  Read more here

Kyrgyzstan police blamed for journalist death

Almazbek Tashiyev, a freelance reporter who wrote for the Bishkek-based opposition weekly Agym in Kyrgyzstan has died in hospital from injuries he recieved eight days before. Upon his admission to hospital he said he had been assaulted by “about 10 policemen” and his brother who witnessed the assault has also stated this to be true. Read more here