The Forsyth saga

Was it entirely necessary for Bruce Forsyth to prolong the agonies of Strictly Come Dancing’s racism row? Well, no. Anton Du Beke said Lailla Rouass looked like a “Paki” . Anton Du Beke apologised. The apology was generally accepted. Show goes on. But Forsyth felt it necessary to weigh in. Somewhat ironically stating “I’m sure there was nothing vindictive about what he said…the page should be closed on it,” Forsyth then went on to say that in our land of “extraordinary political correctness” we should “keep things in perspective”.

On this, perhaps, Brucie has a point. But it’s his own intervention that has stretched this argument out for another day. There may be no such thing as bad publicity, and it’s true that Strictly has made the front pages of a fair few newspapers this morning. But one can’t help feel that a controversy like this is not really what people want from such a well, wholesome show.

Meanwhile, in a land of slightly less extraordinary political correctness: