14 July: The role of investigative journalism and a free media in fighting corruption

How can we protect a free media and space for civil society? What are the growing restrictions facing journalists? How can investigative journalism fight corruption?

As the space for free media in Europe is threatened, the importance of an independent media must be emphasised. A free and independent media plays a vital role in exposing corruption and holding governments and the corporate world accountable.

Join Transparency International EU for a conference on The Role of Investigative Journalism and a Free Media in Fighting Corruption” including:

Restrictions on Media and the Press in the European Union, 3.45pm-4.45pm

  • Jodie Ginsberg, chief executive, Index on Censorship
  • Andras Peltho, founder/editor, Direckt 36 Hungary
  • Dirk Voorhoof, board member, European Centre for Press and Media Freedom

Investigating Corruption, 4.45pm-5.45pm

  • Miranda Patrucic, editor, Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project
  • Kristoff Clerix, Knack Magazine (ICIJ member who has worked on LuxLeaks, SwissLeaks and Panama Papers)

When: 2-6pm, 14 July
Where: Residence Palace, Rue de la Loi 155, Brussels
Tickets: To attend this event, register here. To apply for a travel grant contact [email protected]