PAST EVENT: Geek calendar launch

Jonathan Ross, Brian Cox, Chris Addison, Aleks Krotoski and Simon Singh celebrate ‘the age of the geek’ in a unique charity project.

Jonathan Ross in costume in his shrine of comics, toys and gadgets; Professor Brian Cox and Gia Milinovich puzzling over how to fix their toaster; TV comic Chris Addison backstage, dreaming of space travel; tech journalist Aleks Krotoski smouldering in a sea of gadgets; writer Simon Singh reading his baby son a bedtime story of particle physics…

These are among the scenes featured in the GEEK CALENDAR, where British geeks are celebrating nerdishness in all its glory. And they are doing it for a very good cause: Index on Censorship, English PEN and Sense About Science’s Libel Reform Campaign.

The launch of the GEEK CALENDAR is this Thursday 21 October at 7pm at the Free Word Centre.
Please email: [email protected] for tickets.