Seventh journalist murdered in Honduras

Georgino Orellana, a producer and presenter for Television de Honduras, is the seventh journalist to be murdered in Honduras in the past six weeks. Orellana had just left the station’s studios in San Pedro Sula last night, when he was shot dead by an unidentified person. The motive is still unknown but police chief Hector Ivan Mejia insists that this murder “won’t go unpunished.” Honduras has been the world’s deadliest country for the media since the start of this year and, although the criminal violence across the country had always been high, the coup significantly implemented the plight of journalists.

Journalist murdered in Somalia

Mukhtar Mohamed Hirabe, director of Radio Shabelle was shot in the head four times by three armed men on his way to work in the capital Mogadishu. This is the third fatal attack on the radio station staff in 2009. Read more here