World of inappropriate

Sometimes censorship is a very black and white issue. Sometimes it is a subject of debate on limits. And sometimes we come up against the, well, “inappropriate”.

Take a couple of stories from this week. Yesterday, it emerged that Miami Living magazine had managed to publish this ad for an online dating agency, featuring a silhouette of male genitalia, to widespread moral outrage.

Miami Living Penis Shadow

The ad agency that created the shadow effect seemed quite pleased with itself, saying ” this ‘shadow penis’ ad seems to work and might become a staple of our campaign.”

Miami Living magazine has apologised, saying that no one had noticed the shadow. Now, I’ve laid out magazines. In fact, I’ve laid out magazines quite badly. But I can’t imagine ever missing something like that.

Meanwhile, back in Blighty, Ramsgate hairdresser Marcello Marino has been told to remove a poster of his wife from the side of his premises. The poster, showing the woman in a jacket and tie but NOTHING UNDERNEATH (not even a vest!) has been the subject of complaints. Jocelyn McCarthy of the Ramsgate Society (a local organisation for local people) said that it was distasteful to show “so much cleavage” in a public place. Which seems an odd thing for someone from a seaside resort to say.

Mr Marino was defiant, saying his wife was beautiful (aww) and people need something nice to look at in the recession.