Azerbaijan: Reporters injured while covering clashes

At least two journalists have been injured whilst covering violent clashes between police and residents in Azerbaijan. During protests calling for the resignation of a local government, Index awards nominee Idrak Abbasov, from the Institute for War & Peace suffered an arm injury as stones were thrown at him, whilst Rashid Aliyev, a reporter for the Internet-based Objektiv-TV was hit in the back of the head. During the protests, demonstrators set fire to government buildings and the governor’s house. Five other journalists reportedly suffered the effects of tear gas, after authorities sent riot police to quell the protesters.

Abbasov said: “Me and my colleague Rashad Aliyev were at the center of the developments. I was taking photographs and Rashad was filming. I couldn’t see who threw stones at me, as I was holding the camera in front of my eyes to photograph the developments. A stone hit my left arm and smashed it. But Rashad was more unlucky. A stone hit his head and he received a serious injury to his ear.”