12 Sept: Turkey beyond the headlines

Turkish writers Kaya Genç and Ece Temelkuran will join Daniel Trilling to discuss the state of Turkey

What can be made of recent events in Turkey where a coup attempt was stopped by people on the streets? Asia House is pleased to welcome acclaimed writer Kaya Genç, who currently lives in Istanbul and has been covering his country for the past decade. Genç will talk to Rachael Jolley, editor of Index on Censorship magazine, about his forthcoming book Under the Shadow: Rage and Revolution in Modern Turkey.

As research for the book and for his other writing, Genç has met activists from both sides of Turkey’s political divide: supporters of Erdoğan’s conservative vision and Gezi Park protestors who fought against Istanbul’s gentrification. He has spoken with artists, writers, politicians, professionals, business leaders and many more. Through his observations and interviews, he will take you into a country deeply divided along historical, social and geographical lines.

There will be a book signing following this talk, where you will be able to purchase advance copies of the book at a discount price.

Kaya Genç is a novelist and essayist from Istanbul whose writing has appeared in The Guardian, The Paris Review and Time Magazine, among others. His first novel, L Avventura was published in 2008. Genç has a PhD in English literature and is the Istanbul correspondent of The Believer and The LA Review of Books, as well as a contributing editor at Index on Censorship. He is currently writing a history of Turkish literature for Harvard University Press. Under the Shadow will be published by IB Tauris on 6 October 2016.

When: 12 September, 6.45-8pm
Where: Asia House, 63 New Cavendish St, London, W1G 7LP
Tickets: Available via the Asia House website. Use the promo the code “Index” at checkout for £2 discount.