Carter-Ruck backs down on Guardian parliamentary reporting
13 Oct 2009

royal courtsIndex on Censorship has learned that law firm Carter-Ruck has backed down in an attempt to stop media from reporting on a parliamentary question concerning a previous injunction. The gag had caused outrage on the Internet, with many Twitter users defying the injunction to post information on the case.

Update: Read the letter Index on Censorship sent to the courts in support of the Guardian here

3 responses to “Carter-Ruck backs down on Guardian parliamentary reporting”

  1. barriejohn says:

    Don’t you mean that “…..have backed down in their attempt to stop…..from reporting that…..had obtained an… prevent the reporting of…..” (Well – you get the idea, as Harry Hill would say!)

    BTW, “Private Eye” has been following the story with interest, as per usual. I hope you all have a subscription!!

  2. Robert says:

    I note that, while the injunction was in place, the only other paper to report the story was the Telegraph, who reported that Trafigura was the most trending topic on Twitter. I note that Index use the same formulation above to obliquely point to the answer online.

    Interestingly, Farrelly’s question is itself an example of ‘point you in the right direction’. The simple act of questioning draws attention to the case and the leaked Minton Report. That’s why it was the target of the injunction.

    So – How long before Carter-Ruck include such pointers, such as reporting that their client might be trending on Twitter, in any further injunction they might seek to bring?

  3. A says:

    How exactly can Twitter users be “defying the injunction” when none of us received the injunction?