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The view from Hong Kong in 1997: an Index reading list

alt informationA reading list of articles from the Index archive when Hongkongers were wondering what the handover from Britain to China would mean

We must raise our voice for Hong Kong

alt informationAs the National Security Law is passed in Hong Kong, read about what is at stake and why we must all speak up against it

A personal letter from Hong Kong

alt informationA writer from Hong Kong tells the world why the security law is a death knell to their free speech in Hong Kong - and elsewhere

Quiz: How well do you know your privacy facts?

alt informationHow much do you actually know about tracking apps after months of reading about them? Take our quiz and see

Was Hong Kong’s biggest ever protest in vain?

alt informationOn the one year anniversary of the biggest ever protest that took place in Hong Kong to fight against an erosion of freedoms, historian Jeffrey Wasserstrom looks at the outcomes of a protest movement that changed China 100 years ago

English PEN and Index on Censorship condemn prison sentence for Filipino journalist Maria Ressa as a “dark day for media freedom everywhere”

alt informationRappler CEO Maria Ressa has been given a sentence of up to six years in prison under a cyber libel law that didn’t exist when the article in question was published

Our free speech is under attack, in the UK and across the world, and we need to fight to protect it

alt informationCredit: Singlespeedfahrer/Petr Vodicka/Amy Fenton/Executive Office of the President/ Philip Halling/Isac Nóbrega/The White House George Floyd. Dr Li Wenliang. Amy Fenton. JK Rowling. Edward Colston. Jair Bolsonaro. Donald Trump. Love or loathe these people, the actions of each have opened a new debate in 2020. From the Black Lives Matter movement to the debate on sexuality, […]

Governments using virus as cover to restrict newspapers

alt informationSeveral countries have banned publishers from producing and distributing print newspapers and magazines to stop the spread of the Covid virus despite a lack of scientific evidence

Tearing down the barriers to discussing slavery and racism

alt informationThe waves created by George Floyd's death have crossed the Atlantic and toppled Edward Colston’s statue in Bristol. Kiri Kankhwende says it has provided a golden opportunity to discuss difficult issues

Index welcomes news of Nabeel Rajab’s release but all charges must be dropped

alt informationIndex welcomes release of Bahraini human rights activist Nabeel Rajab on Tuesday but all charges against him must also be dropped

150 attacks on media freedom reported in 50 days

alt informationIn the 50 days since Index started tracking incidents where journalists have been attacked or stopped from reporting on Covid-19, we have reported on more than 150 incidents