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Project Exile: Turkish journalist still fearful in Germany

alt informationTurkish journalist Zübeyde Sari began her career in 2009. By 2018, following President Erdogan's crack down on the media, she was forced to flee.

Panel explore how macho male leaders stifle dissent

alt informationFrom Russia to Saudi Arabia, the current crop of macho male leaders are stifling dissent in a variety of ways, argue panellists at the Index on Censorship winter magazine launch

Charge, attack, restrict: The main ways Turkey silenced journalists in 2019

alt informationThe three most frequently used means of targeting journalists in Turkey in 2019, according to new analysis by our Monitoring and Advocating for Media Freedom project

Index on Censorship, Reporters Without Borders UK and Transparency International UK urge Azerbaijan to lift journalist’s travel ban

alt informationAzerbaijan authorities should lift a travel ban against award-winning investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova, UK-based rights groups urged on 15 January.

Social sex entrepreneur, artist and top journalist to judge Freedom of Expression Awards

alt informationThe awards honour champions of free expression and those battling censorship around the world in the field of arts, campaigning, digital activism and journalism.

Playlist: The Big Noise

alt informationThe winter 2019 Index on Censorship magazine reports on how macho male leaders around the world are silencing their critics through attacking the media, censoring and spreading disinformation.

Urgent reforms needed to protect journalists from vexatious legal threats: Index on Censorship

alt informationThe UK should make it harder for powerful individuals and companies to bring libel actions or use other vexatious legal threats designed to stifle investigative journalism, Index on Censorship said on Friday.

Quiz: Which macho man said what?

alt informationTake our quiz to find out if you can tell one macho man from another from some of their more controversial quotes.

This Week at Index: Free speech is for me – the class of 2020

alt informationFree speech is in danger of being co-opted by extremists. This has led to all sorts of effects on our societies, from “deplatforming” on social media and in debates, to proposed laws on curbing speech which might cause offence. Here at Index, we want to push back against that.

Podcast: The Big Noise with the Real Donald Drumpf, Leonardo Bianchi, Patricia Campos Mello and Viktoria Serdült

alt informationThe winter Index on Censorship magazine podcast with Richard Hine (@realdonalddrumpf), Leonardo Bianchi, Patricia Campos Mello and Viktoria Serdült explores the battles journalists and citizens face under macho leaders determined to silence people

This Week at Index: A look back at 2019, and a new issue

alt informationThis week, Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announced that he would resign in January – news which was welcomed by all those who have been protesting regularly for him to quit – but which also prompted calls that he should go immediately

Index calls on governments to ensure encrypted tools are available to public

alt informationIndex joined 52 other civil society organisations as well as private companies and security researchers in calling on governments to allow technology companies to offer strong encryption tools such as Signal or WhatsApp to the public.