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Ekaterina Sergatskova: It’s a hard time for journalism in Ukraine

alt informationRussian and Ukrainian investigative journalist Ekaterina Sergatskova met with Index to discuss her experiences reporting on the conflicts in Iraq and Ukraine

David Kaye: The other travel ban

alt informationGovernments are imposing travel bans to deny the spread of information about the state of repression and corruption in their home countries.

Death threats, witness torture mark Kurdish reporter’s trial in Turkey

alt informationThe case of Nedim Türfent, whose journalism has irked authorities, is critical for understanding the plight of press freedom in Turkey, observers say

Turkey: Six journalists remain in prison while lawyers expelled from court

alt informationTurkish journalists Ahmet Altan and Mehmet Altan’s defence attorneys were forced to leave the courtroom as their clients stood trial accused of taking part in Turkey’s failed 2016 coup

Osman Kavala’s arrest: A new low in Turkey’s descent

alt informationWhat makes Kavala’s arrest so pervasive is that it sends the message that the government has not been satisfied by the level of the crackdown it has already imposed on civil society

#IndexAwards2017 fellows: “Governments don’t care about the human rights argument”

alt informationSince the Index on Censorship Awards, the 2017 fellows have been busy doing important work in their respective fields to further the cause of freedom of expression around the world

Six times Facebook ignored their own community standards when removing content

alt informationFacebook has received much criticism recently around the removal of content and its lack of transparency as to the reasons why

Cartoonist Ramón Esono Ebalé wins CRNI award

alt informationRamón Esono Ebalé has been named the winner of the 2017 Cartoonists Rights Network International Award for Courage in Editorial Cartooning.

Protesters demand justice after murder of Maltese journalist

alt informationOn the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists, activists held a vigil for a murdered Maltese journalist

#NoImpunity: Crimes against journalists go unresolved

alt informationSince 2004, over 700 journalists have been killed for their reporting. Nine out of 10 of these cases go unpunished.

Broadcasting liberty across Europe

alt informationFrom broadcasting uprisings to employing Russian spies, Radio Free Europe brings news to poorly served regions. Sally Gimson looks at the station’s history and asks if it is still needed today.

Targeting journalists in the name of national security

alt informationAs security - rather than the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms - becomes the number one priority of governments worldwide, broadly-written security laws have been twisted to silence journalists.