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India’s sedition law is a dangerous hangover from British colonialism

alt informationIt's been 72 years since India gained independence from Britain, but sedition remains entrenched not only in law, but in the mindset of successive governments

#IndexAwards2019: tracks internet shutdowns in India

alt informationSoftware Freedom Law Centre tracks internet shutdowns in India, a crucial service in a country with the most online blackouts of any country in the world.

#IndexAwards2019: Mohammed al-Maskati provides digital security training to activists in the Middle East and in North Africa

alt informationMohammed al-Maskati is a Bahraini activist and digital security consultant who provides training to activists in the Middle East and in North Africa

#IndexAwards2019: Colombia’s Fundación Karisma works to enhance digital rights

alt informationColombia’s Fundación Karisma is a civil society organisation devoted to encouraging the use of digital technology and enhancing freedom of expression on the internet.

#IndexAwards2019: P24 aims to neutralise Turkey’s censorship

alt informationP24 (Platform for Independent Journalism) is a civil society organisation with an ambitious program to neutralise censorship in Turkey.

#IndexAwards2019: Media Rights Agenda uses the courts to force Nigeria’s government to improve media freedom

alt informationMedia Rights Agenda is a non-profit organisation that has spent the last two decades working to improve media freedom and freedom of expression in Nigeria.

#IndexAwards2019: Institute for Media and Society fosters community radio stations

alt informationThe Institute for Media and Society is a Nigerian NGO that is going to great lengths to improve the country’s media landscape.

Seizure of journalists’ equipment by police raises concerns for Spanish press freedom

alt informationJournalists see the seizure of smartphones by judicial and police as a violation of Spain’s Constitution.

#IndexAwards2019: Cartoonists Rights Network International defends cartoonists worldwide

alt informationCartoonists Rights Network International (CRNI) is a small organisation with a big impact: monitoring threats and abuses against editorial cartoonists worldwide.

#IndexAwards2019: Artist Zehra Doğan refused to be silenced

alt informationReleased from prison on 24 February 2019, Zehra Doğan is a Kurdish painter and journalist who, during her imprisonment, was denied access to materials for her work.

This week at Index: Four amazing artists and arts organisations

alt informationThis week Index profiles the #IndexAwards2019 Arts category shortlist.

#IndexAwards2019: Ms Saffaa’s murals confront Saudi oppression

alt informationMs Saffaa is a self-exiled Saudi street artist living in Australia who uses murals to highlight women’s rights and human rights violations in Saudi Arabia.