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Turning back the tide: the refugee crisis tests Greek media freedom

alt informationDutch journalist forced back to the Netherlands after asking tough questions of the prime minister of Greece over migrant push-back

Internet shutdowns: Sudan’s censorship tool of choice

alt informationThe African state regularly blocks access to the web when protests flare up and the recent military coup is no different

Lawsuits against the author and publisher of Putin’s People are SLAPPs

alt informationNineteen organisations condemn the legal actions against Catherine Belton and HarperCollins

#WhereIsPengShuai: Tennis world shows it’s OK not to remain silent over China

alt informationThe silence that usually follows human rights violations is notably absent in the sports star's mysterious disappearance

Marighella’s delayed release shows censorship is alive and well in Brazil

alt informationThe country's Constitution outlaws censorship but Bolsonaro's government has ways to apply pressure on film directors

Hong Kong’s freedoms under further attack as ‘Captain America’ is jailed

alt informationFive year and nine month sentence for protestor raises fears over retrospective action of national security law

Richard Ratcliffe: The UK Government needs to look long and hard at its hostage policy

alt informationThe husband of jailed British-Iranian charity worker Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe talks about the reasons for his hunger strike as it enters its 16th day

Change in the pipeline?

alt informationDespite one high-profile success by indigenous people in the USA, these communities still face an uphill battle when it comes to stopping the construction of pipelines on their land

Respect for tradition: Australia’s selective listening on environment issues

alt informationFirst Nations voices are often ignored. Now Yvonne Weldon is hoping to change that as she bids to become the first Aboriginal Lord Mayor of Sydney

It’s not easy being green

alt informationEnvironmental activism is alive and well in Turkey, despite the peddling of conspiracy theories and government efforts to discredit campaigners

The rape of Uganda

alt informationThe nation’s natural resources are being plundered and it’s those doing the damage who are being protected