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Kill drill: The death of freedom of expression?

alt informationCensorship of a form of music which affords an already marginalised minority a rare opportunity to express themselves publicly is an attack against their fundamental rights as human beings.

Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti: Freedom of expression must be at the core of artistic institutions

alt informationArtists make the work. Institutions put the work on. That’s the deal. It’s a simple but weird relationship.

Losing a point of reference: Press freedom in the US

alt informationThe loss of the United States and the United Kingdom as democratic beacons for the rights of journalists and the freedom of information is a bad omen for the rest of the world

Project Exile: Zimbabwean broadcaster grapples with post-Mugabe era

alt information"The question is now, under the change of government, would I be welcome? I'm still being outspoken about what I think."

Gang members banned from making “drill” music

alt informationThe Metropolitan Police sought an unprecedented Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) against the teenage and young adult defendants, prohibiting them from making music in the genre

Podcast: Trouble in Paradise

alt informationThe summer 2018 issue of Index on Censorship magazine takes you on holiday, just a different kind of holiday. From Malta to the Maldives, we explore how freedom of expression is under attack in dream destinations around the world.

Writer and broadcaster Trevor Phillips named new chair of Index on Censorship board

alt informationIndex on Censorship has named writer and broadcaster Trevor Phillips as its new chair. Phillips succeeds journalist David Aaronovitch whose five-year term ends in September.

Say no to Article 13’s censorship machine

alt informationFrom academics and journalists to parents uploading videos of their children, Article 13's upload filter would impact professional and ordinary content creators alike.

Join the youth advisory board

alt informationIndex on Censorship is recruiting for its next youth advisory board, which will sit from July to December 2018.

Honduras: False story seeks to discredit digital newspaper Reporteros de Investigacion

alt informationTwo days after the publication of an investigation into alleged inappropriate behaviour by a member of a Honduran military unit involving young female students, digital newspaper Reportero de Investigacion was targeted with a misleading story that purported to be from the outlet.

Project Exile: After hunger strike, Egyptian journalist in Qatar fears return

alt information“I face probably a life sentence or maybe even worse. The idea of not being able to go back to your own country…is just heartbreaking.”

Cuba’s first alternative art biennial: “We built an inclusive space of free creation and true collaboration”

alt informationDespite every effort to stop it in its tracks, Cuba saw the successful completion of its first independent art biennial, organised without the support of the state