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Sir Harold Evans: a staunch advocate for free speech

alt informationThe former Sunday Times editor was a long-standing friend and supporter of Index, says Ruth Smeeth

Choose your moment: the inspirational Ruth Bader Ginsburg

alt informationThe Supreme Court judge, known as the Notorious RBG, was not afraid to use her dissenting voice

Heavy fines on social networks for not tackling online abuse may have unintended consequences

alt informationIndex CEO Ruth Smeeth discusses the proposed Online Harms Bill in a virtual session organised by the Board of Deputies after a rise in anti-Semitic attacks

New report on protecting the media against Slapps

alt informationWhat measures can be introduced to protect journalists facing vexatious legal actions?

Academic freedom in Hong Kong: “It’s a storm and no one wants to go outside, even with an umbrella”

alt informationAcademics are losing tenure and teachers are being fired as China's national security law bites

“I am free to practise my religion: others, like the Uighurs, are not”

alt informationThis weekend I will be celebrating the Jewish New Year. Others have no such freedom

Mehdi Rajabian’s Iran: where making music is a crime

alt informationMusician's inclusion of women's voices in his last album has led to his arrest. Here he talks exclusively to Index on Censorship about the challenges

Meet the 73-year-old great grandmother squaring up to Lukashenko in Belarus

alt informationNina Bahinskaya has been shoved and restrained, arrested and fined half her pension. What drives her to protest?

“I won’t be watching Mulan. I stand with the Uighurs”

alt informationIndex doesn’t support boycotts; we were established to publish the work of censored artists and writers – those who are being persecuted

British MP: “We should forge a path for Uighur freedom” – here’s how

alt information“History will judge us for the unforgivable lack of action thus far,” said Shabana Mahmood, an MP from the UK in a speech she delivered in British parliament. How can we take action? A guide from Index

Ireland notified by Council of Europe over legal action against media outlet

alt informationIndex on Censorship have raised a Council of Europe alert amid concerns over current legal action against the Dublin Inquirer

Remember the victims of Charlie Hebdo

alt informationAs a trial commences in France to prosecute accomplices to the Charlie Hebdo murders, we remember the victims of the brutal crime