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The Sin of Power

alt informationThe American playwright and author Arthur Miller wrote for Index Magazine in 1978 about The Sin of Power. Here we reproduce that article for the first time on our website.

This week at Index: Border forces want to be your social media friend

alt informationWatch what you say. Border forces are following you online.

Big Brother at the border

alt informationEditor-in-chief Rachael Jolley argues in the autumn 2019 issue of Index on Censorship magazine that travel restrictions and snooping into your social media at the frontier are new ways of suppressing ideas

The fraudulent, the offensive and the idiotic

alt informationSignificant parts of the left now wish to rule out speech they deem offensive. It's a far cry from when the left were defenders of freedom.

Podcast: Border forces with Peppermint, Ariana Drehsler and Steven Borowiec

alt informationThe autumn Index on Censorship magazine podcast with Peppermint, Ariana Drehsler and Steven Borowiec exploring how travel restrictions at borders are limiting the flow of free thought and ideas

This week at Index: Border police can’t be allowed to snoop on our social media

alt informationBorder officials around the world are increasingly demanding access to our social media accounts and address books. They want to know what we’ve said on Twitter and Facebook and who we’re talking to.

Editor calls for renewed investigation into murder of Irish journalist Martin O’Hagan

alt informationAn editor at the Irish newspaper, the Sunday World, calls for renewed investigation into journalist's murder.

What the world can learn from Hong Kong’s protesters

alt informationWe may not be able to tell others how to win a battle, but people can learn from us on how to mobilise, and how to sustain a mobilisation.

This week at Index: Censorship won’t lead to a more equitable society

alt informationThe Tony Blair Institute made proposals that Index found depressing.

Iran: Satirical writer Kioomars Marzban is sentenced to 23 years in jail

alt informationKioomars Marzban, a 27-year-old satirical writer from Iran, was sentenced to 23 years and 3 months in prison. He was found guilty on five separate charges, given a two-year travel ban, and a two-year ban on publishing or using social media.

Laugh and the World Laughs with Me

alt informationLaugh and the World Laughs with Me is an intimate short story of a young woman who has a schizophrenic brother, set against the backdrop of the Tahrir Square demonstrations, from Egyptian writer Eman Abdelrahim.

Cases against Academics for Peace have become emblematic of the attacks on freedom of expression in Turkey

alt informationOn 26 July 2019, Turkey’s highest court brought new hope to Turkish academics when it ruled that ten educators who had signed the petition “We will not be a Party to This Crime!” (Bu Suça Ortak Olmayacağız) had been tried unfairly and in violation of their rights.