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50 years after Theatres Act, censorship has evolved

alt informationMarking the 50th anniversary of the end of 300 years of theatre censorship, the Victoria and Albert Museum’s new exhibition explores how restrictions on expression have changed.

Cuban artists arrested ahead of anti-censorship concert

alt informationAuthorities arrested artists Yanelyz Nuñez and Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara, MEMBERS OF THE from Otero Alcantara’s home sometime before 6:30am on Saturday 11 August

Turkey’s repressive regime turns academic’s life upside-down

alt information"There is no future, no jobs for us as long as Erdogan and the AKP rule the country."

Index on Censorship magazine wins APEX award

alt informationIndex on Censorship is honoured to announce that our magazine has won an ‘Award of Excellence’ in the ‘Magazines, Journals & Tabloids – Writing (entire issue)’ category for the Awards for Publication Excellence (APEX).

In colonised Kurdish society even the flowers can be labelled terrorists

alt informationWhen Turkish forces attacked Kurdish villages in the southeast of the country in 2016 after the collapse of a ceasefire between Ankara and the Kurdish Workers’ Party in July 2015, journalist Nurcan Baysal was there to document the human rights violations.

Playlist: Trouble in Paradise

alt informationA holiday-themed playlist to accompany the summer issue of Index on Censorship, which looks at trouble in paradise

Journalism in Exile: “Turkey had turned into hell for journalism”

alt informationIt’s 2016. Turkey is in a state of emergency after the failed coup d’etat of the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan government. Journalists like Yavuz Baydar are going to be more at risk than ever before.

Independent artists empower Cubans to speak out against censorship

alt informationTo an outsider, the most startling part of artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara’s arrest on 21 July for attempting to protest on the Capitol steps in Havana was the passivity, bordering on fearful ignorance, of his fellow Cubans at the scene.

China and censorship

alt informationIndex on Censorship magazine Index has compiled a reading list of articles from the magazine archives covering censorship In China.

ENO youth company combats censorship with operatic expression

alt informationA group of teens shuffle onto a stage. It could be any summer programme, but when professional opera singer Abigail Kelly leads them in a song on political dissent and dictatorship, it’s clear that they’ve come together to create something novel, provocative and, above all, youth-led.

Germany: Journalists facing conflict with emergency responders over filming

alt informationWhen journalist Marvin Oppong began photographing the scene of an accident involving a police car and a taxi, he was just doing his job. But before long Oppong ended up being violently detained by police and stripped of his camera’s memory card.