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In memory of Andrew Graham-Yooll

alt informationFormer editor of Index on Censorship magazine Judith Vidal-Hall remembers her friend and former Index colleague

Edward Snowden: “People think of 2013 as a surveillance story, but it was really a democracy story”

alt informationOpen Rights Group’s OrgCon 2019 explored privacy and surveillance online.

Law and the new world order

alt informationThe distance between national leaders and judges is narrowing around the world. The summer 2019 issue of @Index_Magazine looks at how the erosion of judicial independence is impacting freedom of expression

Index at Latitude: Forest Folktales

alt informationJoin Index for Forest Folktales at the Latitude Festival

Future of freedom of expression online does not have to be a dark one

alt informationUN Special Rapporteur David Kaye speaks to Timandra Harkness about free speech and the internet

Project Exile: Reporter escaped Russia after beating, burns

alt informationFatima Tlisova didn't make it easy for the Russian government to get rid of her. As a reporter covering Russia's fight against Chechen separatists in what was known as the Second Chechen war in the early 2000s, she was kidnapped, beaten and had her fingertips burned with cigarettes by Russian security forces.

Project Exile: Criticising Kurdish referendum forces journalist to leave Iraq

alt informationDespite Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region's close ties to the U.S. and billions of dollars in foreign investment, Iraqi Kurdistan is no easy place to be a journalist. Kamal Chomani's experience is just one example.

Index’s summer magazine launch party takes a look at the Weimar Republic and the lessons for today

alt informationThe summer 2019 edition of Index on Censorship magazine looks at how governments use power to undermine justice and freedom

Stories of Justice: If you are the ‘other’ in Turkey, you should know that you carry death in your pocket

alt informationJournalist Nedim Turfent shares his thoughts in justice in Turkey: As one of the “others,” I ask for a “justice for others.” Do you have it, or should I wait for the afterlife?

Is blackfacing beyond the pale?

alt informationRecently ‘blackfacing’ has been highlighted in many cultural manifestations that may not necessarily have been intended to demean Black or other non-white people.