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This Week at Index: Fears for freedom of the media move closer to home

alt informationRestrictions on the media were once something seen as a problem for other countries but now these concerns are front and centre in the UK, Index CEO Jodie Ginsberg said this week

This Week at Index: Looking back at the day the Berlin Wall fell

alt informationThirty years ago this month, the world changed: a border that divided a city for 28 years was brought down.

Zehra Dogan: I became more widely known after winning the Index Freedom of Expression Award

alt informationWe caught up with Dogan to find out what she has been working on since winning the Index on Censorship award.

Battle of Ideas: Is anything private anymore?

alt information“How do we form a contract of trust with those with whom we are communicating?” asked Index CEO Jodie Ginsberg at a debate on privacy at the Battle of Ideas

This Week at Index: Crimes against journalists must be punished

alt informationThe International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists this November highlights urgency of justice for journalists amid high numbers of deaths

This Week at Index: More incidents of violence against journalists in Ukraine

alt informationThe Index media monitoring project has tracked a significant increase in violence against journalists in Ukraine, including death threats

Index magazine on Resonance FM

alt informationIndex on Censorship magazine editors Jemimah Steinfeld and Rachael Jolley discuss the latest issues on freedom of expression at the border

Index kicks off US college tour

alt informationIndex on Censorship will begin a set of college events across the USA on 21 October 2019 as part of its Free Speech Is For Me programme

Fundación Karisma: The tension around free speech and social media is one of the big issues of our time

alt informationWe caught up with Carolina Botero Cabrera, executive director of Fundación Karisma, to find out what the organisation has been working on since winning the Index award in April

This Week at Index: Freedom of expression is under threat, and we need your help defending it

alt informationWe are facing more demands for our assistance and expertise than ever before and we urgently need more funding to meet that need

Protest and freedom of expression, a reading list

alt informationA reading list of articles about challenges to the right to protest from the Index archives