Wordpress removes blog after libel allegation
06 Jan 2010

Popular west of England site The Bristol Blogger was temporarily removed by blogging platform WordPress after it received a complaint from former University of the West of England vice-chancellor Howard newby.
In a statement given to local radio station Star FM, WordPress said:

We received a complaint that there were a number of false and defamatory statements on the blog. This was checked and we agreed with the complaint.
The blog was was suspended to remove the material from view.
The blog owner has been in touch, the blog is not now suspended and he has details of the statements which need removing.
This has to be done today.

He has been advised that if he disputes this and wishes the statements he made to be allowed on the blog then he must settle the issue outside of first.

We do not censor blogs but where defamation has occurred we are obliged to act as stated in our Terms of Service.

Apart from the specified statements we have no issue with any other parts of the blog right now.

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10 responses to “WordPress removes blog after libel allegation”

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  2. Rxzokvni says:

    tribal horse tatoos,

  3. The analysis sited is indisputable. I will need to say that tom really need to check his details and re-think his conclusion. The authorites have spoken and the rest of must to respect that. Thanks for the very well laid out into.

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  7. Derek Wall says:

    I would urge readers to find out about Sir Howard and blog (not in a way with any legal implications),
    he was a controversial figure at the University of the West of England.

  8. Jake says:

    There is no right to free speech on a private web site, Don.

  9. Neil says:

    If I were this guy I’d have the site hosted somewhere else instead of the site so he can say what he likes.

  10. don Phillips says:

    It is just too easy. Free speech is never abolished. It just dies in a thousand places.