South African press freedom under threat
06 Aug 2010

The ruling African National Congress (ANC) is proposing a law which would entitle the South African government to prevent journalists investigating or publishing anything deemed to be in the national interest. The law would introduce a Media tribunal, where the government would effectively judge what the media could publish. Another section would force journalists to reveal confidential sources. Critics claim press freedom is already under threat in South Africa; recently journalist Mzilikazi wa Afrika was arrested just days after reporting on a large property deal undertaken by the  National Police Commissioner Bheki Cele. Cole had vocally attacked wa Afrika over the article.

One response to “South African press freedom under threat”

  1. […] In the new South Africa reborn, freedom hard-won from Apartheid, we now have the imminent threat of updated versions of the suppression of freedom of expression that gagged us under apartheid. The right to know comes with the right to vote that black, white, any colour of our South African population took together, for the first time ever, in 1994. But since 2010 there have been two parliamentary bills introduced which seek to deny that right. The Protection of State Information Bill and the Media Tribunal. […]