UK media should not be forced to hand over riot footage
22 Sep 2011

Index on Censorship is concerned by reports that news organisations are to hand over footage of August’s riots in England.

“Moves such as this force journalists to become the eyes and ears of the state, said John Kampfner, Chief Executive of Index on Censorship. “During the riots, we saw several incidents of photographers and broadcasters being attacked. The implication that any footage taken by them will be handed over to authorities will only serve to endanger on-the-ground media workers further in the future.”

“Already this week we have seen widespread outrage at attempts to make Guardian journalist Amelia Hill hand over journalistic materials. The Metropolitan Police Service is showing a worrying disregard for the principle of a free media.”

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3 responses to “UK media should not be forced to hand over riot footage”

  1. Belen says:

    The freemasons live by their own rules and here we have an example high profile miscarriages of justice where freemasons were the judges ..and refusal to name them preferring a prison term this will not turn Britain into a great nation it simply means the freemasons are lawless.

    Bill Bratton is also a freemason.

  2. Kieron says:

    This isn’t about censorship. No one stopped the media reporting on the riots? The police just want the footage to bring the criminals to justice. Why wouldn’t you want the criminals held to account. As good citizens, you would think you would want to assist the police and help turn this back into a great nation.

  3. Belen says:

    Tully a freemason has opened a lodge (Sine Favore) to handle is to be the freemason way end of !