Index welcomes release of Burmese comic
12 Oct 2011

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Index on Censorship welcomes welcomes the release of Burmese comic Zarganar along with thousands of other prisoners.

Htein Lin, close friend of Zarganar and member of the Free Zarganar Campaign along with Index on Censorship and other supporters, said he was delighted at the news of the popular comedian’s release.

“It’s great news, we really appreciate it and it is a very positive sign.  Hopefully the new government will release more political prisoners very soon.  Zarganar came out with jokes making everybody laugh and very happy.”

Zarganar was imprisoned for speaking out against the military junta in its handling of the Cyclone Nargis crisis in May 2008.   The 6000 prisoners who will be released today include some journalists and monks, but there are many political activists still detained.

Zarganar is reported as saying “I am not happy because so many of my friends are still in prison.”

As part of our continued work with artists in Burmese diasapora, Index on Censorship co-hosted the first festival of Burmese Art, featuring a preview of ‘The Prison Where I Live” a film about Zarganar.

Beyond Bars


A profile of Zargana is featured in Beyond Bars, a 2010 issue of Index on Censorship magazine. Click here to subscribe


2 responses to “Index welcomes release of Burmese comic”

  1. David Crumm says:

    I am the Editor of ReadTheSpirit, a widely read journalistically based magazine in the U.S. We report widely on religion, values and cultural diversity. And we also are the publishers of a book that includes a profile of Zarganar. Naturally, we’re celebrating with people around the world over his release.
    Today, we are linking to Index on Censorship as part of our news roundup on Zarganar’s release. You’re doing important work. We are pleased to helps spread the word.