Saudi blogger held for “blasphemy” released after almost two years in jail
Hamza Kashgari was detained for 625 days for tweeting a mock conversation between himself and the prophet Mohammed. Milana Knezevic reports
29 Oct 13

kashgariSaudi journalist and blogger Hamza Kashgari, detained for 625 days on blasphemy charges, has been released.

The news was confirmed  by Saudi human rights activist Walid Abulkheir, who told AFP: “The authorities freed Kashgari at 6.30 am (0330 GMT)”

This morning, Kashgari himself tweeted: “Mornings of hope…souls that live and never die. Thanks to God.”

The 23-year-old writer was arrested in 2011 when he tweeted a mock conversation between himself and the prophet Mohammed which sparked furious responses, including death threats.

He tried to flee Saudi Arabia, but was detained in Malaysia and deported following a request by Interpol on behalf of Saudi authorities.

Blasphemy is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia.


By Milana Knezevic

Milana Knezevic is the Assistant Editor, Online and News of Index on Censorship