Around Town: Don’t Spy on Us #TheDayWeFightBack (11 Feb)


Join English PEN and Open Rights Group on a day of global protest against mass surveillance, as civil liberties groups and activists around the world unite to defend privacy and freedom of expression online. With keynote speakers and tech experts to advise you on your privacy and security online.

Since Edward Snowden’s first revelations about the National Security Agency’s collection of US data last summer, the British public has witnessed a series of alarming disclosures regarding the extent of the surveillance programmes operated by US and UK intelligence services.

Guest speakers from leading privacy, freedom of expression and human rights groups in the UK will announce a new coalition, Don’t Spy On Us, calling for legal reform and judicial oversight of the intelligence service’s mass surveillance programme.

This event is FREE, with a bar, live demonstrations and keynote speakers.

When: Tuesday 11th February, 7:00pm onwards
Where: Free Word Centre, EC1R 3GA
Tickets: FREE but Reserve your tickets

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