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Don’t feed the trolls

An anti-Muslim video, the Innocence of Muslims demonstrated how the politics of fear dominate the online environment. It’s time we took action, argue Rebecca MacKinnon and Ethan Zuckerman

Rebecca MacKinnon: Consent of the Networked

Index on Censorship and the Institute for Human Rights and Business host the launch of Rebecca MacKinnon’s new book, Consent of the Networked

PAST EVENT: Book launch: Rebecca MacKinnon’s Consent of the Networked

27 February: Book launch: Rebecca MacKinnon’s Consent of the Networked

Let’s take back the internet! Rebecca MacKinnon at TED

Emily Butselaar: Let’s take back the internet! Rebecca MacKinnon at TED

Analysis: Index’s experts assess Hillary Clinton’s latest speech on internet freedom

In a major speech on internet freedom, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned governments not to restrict online liberty but said she opposed confidential leaks. Index on Censorship consulted the experts for their verdict

Rebecca MacKinnon: Hillary Clinton's "weak and logically inconsistent" position on Wikileaks

Rebecca MacKinnon: Clinton's "weak and logically inconsistent' position on Wikileaks"

A life in truth

Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2010, Liu Xiaobo is treated as a subversive criminal in China, currently serving an 11-year sentence for incitement to subvert state power. Lauren Davis reports

Google rules

Today Google announced that it would no longer be censoring its search services in China. Rebecca MacKinnon talks to Google's David Drummond about privacy, censorship and China, providing a valuable insight into Google's thinking

China: 60th anniversary censorship

Rebecca Mackinnon's definitive account of web censorship in the PRC

China's Charter 08 – too early to tell?

Rebecca MacKinnon knows more than practically anyone other westerner about free expression in China. Over at her blog, rconversation, she has written a rather excellent and comprehensive (read ‘long’) analysis of Charter 08, the pro-reform manifesto recently issued by Chinese intellectuals and activists. It seems that many, while supportive of Charter 08’s aims, are unsure […]