Welcome to Index Arts
25 Jan 08

Index Arts is a specialist arm of Index on Censorship, working in all art forms to promote and support freedom of artistic and cultural expression for disempowered, under- and mis-represented or silenced communities and individuals, both in this country and around the world.

The artistic, creative and cultural expression of all people is valued as essential to achieving a balanced, vibrant and responsive society;the arts are acknowledged as having an important role to play in bringing about change on a personal and societal level.

Index Arts aims to:

• Provide platforms for artists from marginalised, repressed and under-represented communities
• Provide access to tools of creative expression to people experiencing social exclusion, as a means to finding and presenting their voice
• Provide platforms for cultural and artistic expression by marginalised and under-represented communities
• Further the debate on freedom of expression in the arts and offer training
• Monitor, document and publish online, abuses of freedom of expression in performing, lens based and visual arts
• Work with young people to understand and exercise their right to freedom of expression through the creative arts.