Nasrin to remain in India
14 Feb 08

Novelist Taslima Nasrin, in exile in India after her writings led to threats in her native Bangladesh, has had her visa extended by the Indian government.

A statement from the Indian government said:

“The Government of India has decided to extend the visa of Ms Taslima Nasrin. Throughout its history, India has a tradition of offering hospitality to those who seek it. It has also afforded protection to those who have come as our guests. Ms Taslima Nasrin is our guest and, in keeping with our traditions, we have offered her the same privileges.

It is incumbent on those who are welcomed as guests in India that they remain sensitive to India’s traditions and do not conduct themselves in a manner that either affects our relations with other countries or cause hurt to our secular ethos. We expect that they do not undertake actions that could hurt the sentiments of the many communities that make up our multi-religious and multi-ethnic nation. These are the same restraints which we in India follow. We expect nothing less from our guests.”